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DITECH NETWORK SECURITY delivers complete solutions, counseling and service concerning IT security for public and private companies.
We are providing security products, firewalls and VPN solutions.

Security ahead of anything else

Every day companies and organizations are exposed to security dangers on Internet.

“DITECH NETWORK SECURITY offers products and solutions that meet actual demands and needs of any modern and stable IT solution.
We provide services regarding installation, counseling and protection against unauthorized penetration on public IT networks.

DITECH's IT security solutions make it possible for our clients to concentrate on their core business area.”


Do your company need assistance regarding Internet, Intranet, LAN, WAN, Ethernet or Token Ring?
DITECH NETWORK SECURITY can help optimizing security in your company.
Contact us and get more information about our network solutions.


In every network system, problems can emerge and they need to be solved quickly, safely and efficiently.
DITECH NETWORK SECURITY has the required expertise and experience, so that tasks can be solved in a right manor.
Contact us to get more information or read more about service and support.

If your company needs better IT security, DITECH NETWORK SECURITY will gladly arrange a security check.

Call +45 86 80 30 41 to get more information.
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