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DITECH NETWORK SECURITY was founded in 1992 with focus on IT-network, hereby design, verification and maintanance of big network connections on fiber (single- and multi-mode) and PDS cabling.

The development of network throughout the 90's strengthened the position of DITECH NETWORK SECURITY by handling "intelligent network components" such as routers, switches, cache units and other network equipment.

After all these years we have achieved many valuable references among public and private companies, that gave us a long and prosperous cooperation.
We have allied with several competent partners, in order to manage parts of work we are not experts in.


As a company with focus on network activities, DITECH NETWORK SECURITY has focused on security and we have accomplished great deal of expertise in following fields:

• Security strategy
• Security analysis
• Implementation of security solutions
• Firewall setup
• Antivirus implementation
• Facility management of security and network solutions

The goal of DITECH NETWORK SECURITY is to create success stories for our clients, and the way we achieve it is by offering them a range of professional services in the following fields:

DITECH NETWORK SECURITY has the core competence inside wide range of leading technologies and tools inside security, which makes us proud to have some of the market's most routined and experienced IT security specialists, who possess competence in identification and analysis of weeknesses in the network.
We are certified, among others, in Clavister firewall products that are worldwide known for their stabilility and security.

DITECH NETWORK SECURITY's security solutions focus primarily on securing and improving a perimeter defence around client's infrastructure. This means evil-minded IP packages and contents are removed already before they get inside client's security systems. Together with some cost-free services, DITECH NETWORK SECURITY offers also a wide range of services in order to promote a higher security for our clients.

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