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Problems that need to be handled quickly, safely and efficiently can occur in every network system. DITECH NETWORK SECURITY has the ability and experience in solving problems in the right manor.


Services that DITECH NETWORK SECURITY offers are:

Surveillance - Facility Management
An unstable IT system can have fatal consequences for a company, such as losing revenues, unsatisfying customer service and bad working environment.
A company is less efficient when its network is down, and when every operational disruption results in lost time of reconstructing lost data, restart of operations etc.

Recent surveys from, among others, PricewaterhouseCoopers and IDC show that outsourcing of IT operation is time and resource saving.

Facility Management is an operation agreement, where DITECH NETWORK SECURITY partially or completely operates and takes responsibility for the IT installation in your company.

Facility Management advantages:

» well-functioning IT implementation
» operational savings
» clear distribution of responsibility
» continuous adjustment of needs
» DITECH NETWORK SECURITY has a huge network knowledge

On site service
On site service means DITECH NETWORK SECURITY offers servicing clients at their address. It can be preparation of equipments, technical and software check, updating and reinstallation of hardware and software etc.

In case problems occur, DITECH NETWORK SECURITY offers service contracts with 24 hour coverage for clients in need for extraordinary operation security. If the equipment, covered by the service agreement, cannot be repaired on site, DITECH NETWORK SECURITY will set up a temporary substitute equipment. The service agreement covers start fee, starting price, replacement parts, reparation costs and rent of substitute equipment.

You can also order service visit at your company's address.

On line service
On line service means support through our mail and phone systems that our clients always can use.

Security scanning
DITECH NETWORK SECURITY offers security scanning of network with written report that documents your company's eventual security flaws on the network.

If you need more information, you are more than welcome to contact us.


Call +45 86 80 30 41 or email us at info@ditech.dk and get more information about DITECH's products and services.
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